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Recognition of the work carried out in the International Center of Bogotá

Paola bravo gerente de simbiotic acompañada por Director, Presidenta de la junta y otras personalidades de Asosandiego.

To see the result of our work is a pride and even more to receive recognition during the celebration of the birthday # 35 of our client the Civic Association Asosandiego, which is a non-profit organization that has been working to improve on different fronts the environment of the important sector of the International Center of Bogotá.

It was very nice to receive recognition for the work that has been done in sustainability and circular economy, headed by our manager Paola Bravo Villacís. Carrying out various actions, such as waste collection and improving the environment, as recorded by the newspaper El Tiempo "AsoSandiego has devoted special attention to carrying out 20 e-waste collection events in the last 5 years. More than 52 tons of luminaires, computer equipment, batteries, and appliances were collected and disposed correctly."

For over 8 years we have jointly created a laboratory where experiences have been shared from large organisations to small organisations creating good sustainability practices. Motivating a scale economy achieving successful e-waste collection events with reduced costs, and creating a unique ecosystem through a innovative collaborative methodology, which has been an example for Bogotá and the rest of the country.

From Simbiotic we are grateful for the support we have received this time. Without the help of the Asosandiego team, the board, and the associates, we couldn't achieve such a successful product. We hope to continue growing and hope to achieve more joint successes!

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