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Simbiot case: asosandiego

This project was born out of the need in 2014 to properly manage waste in an area with high density and continuous waste collection, after a sanitary crisis in the city of Bogota.  Simbiotic designed the collaborative strateg, to leverage companies and organizations with consolidated environmental policies and management in order to direct this experience to actors with less capacity. Creating special waste collection networks on a continuous basis, adding value for all stakeholders (civic association, companies, universities, condominiums, waste management suppliers and the community in general).


Bogota International Center


  • Environmental diagnosis and articulation of 20 companies in the International Center of Bogota.
  • Leadership, design and implementation of a collaborative and sectorial project for the optimization of waste management for 20 companies initially, with the opportunity to expand and include more than 150 companies in the sector and replicate the system to other sectors in the city or other cities.
  • Generation of scale waste collection networks , for the different types of waste: WEEE, Recyclables and Organic.
  • Management and promotion of spaces and activities for the dissemination of environmental practices and standards among the different participating companies.
  • Articulation, information management and negotiation of the different actors involved in the development of the project, such as: participating companies, leading association, suppliers, among others.


2014 - Up to date operating successfully.


We have more than 40 tons of waste collected and/or properly disposed off, you can consult the indicators in the following link.

Entrevista director Asosandiego.

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