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Environmental Volunteer Chevrolet Foundation

actividad sensibilización ambiental voluntariado Fundación Chevrolet

In collaboration with the Chevrolet Foundation, a corporate environmental volunteering program was developed for GM Colmotores. This project, designed to train employees and volunteers in good environmental practices, innovation, and recycling culture, included a training replication component at a District school. Through workshops, presentations, and teaching materials, the participants sought to promote environmental awareness and sustainable engagement.

Caratula cartilla Voluntariado ambiental Fundación Chevrolet


  1. Design and implementation of the training process:
    • Development of a training program covering key aspects of good environmental practices, innovation, and recycling culture.
    • Conduct training sessions for employees and volunteers of GM Colmotores, using interactive and participatory methods.
  1. Development of Pedagogical Material:
    • Creation of workshops and didactic presentations that address issues of sustainability and recycling in an accessible and understandable way.
    • Production of teaching materials (guides, brochures, visual resources) to support training and facilitate knowledge replication.
  1. Implementation of the Environmental Volunteer Pilot:
    • Organization and logistics for the implementation of the pilot in a District School.
    • Direction and accompaniment during the execution of training and practical activities with students.
    • Impact assessment and feedback collection for future program improvements.
    Cartillas Voluntariado ambiental Fundación Chevrolet


    The corporate environmental volunteering program developed jointly with the Chevrolet Foundation and GM Colmotores has been a success, demonstrating the power of education and collaboration in promoting sustainable practices. Through the training of volunteers and the replication of the training process in an educational environment, we have managed to generate a positive impact on the community and promote a culture of recycling and environmental responsibility.