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Sustainability Awareness and Advice on Tourism Companies of Bogota + Region - Chamber of Commerce of Bogota

In the dynamic and vibrant tourism sector, sustainability has become an essential pillar for growth and competitiveness. Aware of this reality, the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce, together with Simbiotic, transformed the way in which 50 entrepreneurs in the tourism sector integrate sustainability into their businesses.

This project not only sought to raise awareness among entrepreneurs about the importance of sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), but also to equip them with practical tools and deep knowledge to implement meaningful and measurable changes. From the first workshop, there was an atmosphere of enthusiasm and collaboration, where each participant was willing to learn and share their own experiences.


Simbiotic implemented a comprehensive methodology that included in-person and virtual workshops, group and individual counseling, and the use of pedagogical tools and resources adapted to the specific needs of each company. In addition, awareness was raised about the use of indicators as a fundamental exercise for the implementation of coherent sustainability and continuous improvement. The training was designed to be interactive and practical, facilitating the application of the concepts in the real environment of each business.

Impact and Results

  • Awareness raising and training of 50 businessmen of the tourism sector in sustainable and quality practices.
  • Implementation of concrete sustainable actions within companies, with measurable results in terms of reducing environmental impact and improving resource management.
  • Improvement in the quality of tourist services, increasing customer satisfaction and strengthening the reputation of participating companies.
  • Strengthening tourism security, guaranteeing a safer and more pleasant experience for visitors.


This project was a notable success, achieving a significant impact on the sustainability and quality of the tourism sector in Bogotá. The collaboration with the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce allowed Simbiotic to contribute its experience and knowledge to transform the operation of these companies, aligning them with the principles of sustainability and the SDGs, improving their competitiveness in the market.

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