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Integral Waste Management in Teleskop Building

In 2021, Simbiotic S.A.S. undertook comprehensive consulting for waste management at the Teleskop Building in the international center of Bogotá. The objective is to optimise the disposal and use of waste, adapt collection and signalling spaces in accordance with current regulations, and promote sustainable practices through collaborative and transparent solutions.

Recicladores en Edificio Teleskop


  1. Diagnostic and Planning:
    • Initial assessment of the waste management situation in the Teleskop Building.
    • Design of a customized comprehensive waste management plan that includes the adaptation of collection spaces and the necessary signage.
  1. Adaptation of Collection Spaces:
    • Identification and adaptation of specific areas for the collection of different types of waste.
    • Implementation of clear and visible signage in accordance with current regulations to facilitate the proper segregation and disposal of waste.
  1. Collaboration with Waste Pickers Recyclers and Post-consumer Programs:
    • Establishing alliances with waste pickers to ensure the proper collection and use of waste.
    • Integration of post-consumer programs and environmental initiatives to promote recycling and reuse of materials.
  1. Implementation of the SimbIOT Methodology:
    • Digitalization of waste management through the SimbIOT platform to ensure traceability and transparency in processes.
    • Continuous monitoring and reporting to evaluate program performance and results.

Impact and Results

  • Optimization of Waste Management: Successful implementation of adequate collection spaces and signalling according to regulations, facilitating the proper segregation and disposal of waste.
  • Effective Collaboration: Working together with waste pickers and post-consumer programs, achieving greater efficiency in recycling and waste management.
  • Transparency and Trust: Use SimbIOT platform to ensure transparency in processes and build trust among all stakeholders.
  • Positive Environmental Impact: Reducing environmental impact through sustainable practices and proper waste management.


The comprehensive waste management project at the Teleskop Building has been a success, demonstrating Simbiotic S.A.S. ’s commitment to sustainability and responsible waste management. Through collaboration with waste pickers, the implementation of technology and the promotion of transparent practices, we have managed to create a waste management model that can be replicated in other horizontal properties.

👇🏼For more details on the management carried out and the results obtained, consult the TELESKOP report.👇🏼