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Consultancy CESA - Centre for Higher Studies in Administration

Awareness campaign to strengthen comprehensive waste management 3

Simbiotic carried out a comprehensive consultancy at the Center for Higher Studies in Administration (CESA) to implement environmental education, awareness, and waste management programs. This project promotes sustainable practices within the institution, ensuring proper waste classification and responsible waste management through a shared value network.

Capacitación manejo de materiales y contenedores CESA
Centro de acopio CESA


  1. Awareness-raising:
    • Workshops: Workshops were organized for CESA students, teachers, and administrative staff, focusing on the importance of correct waste classification and sustainable practices.
    • Communication Campaigns: Visual and digital communication campaigns were conducted on campus to reinforce the message of sustainability and waste classification, using posters, social networks, and newsletters.
  1. Integral Waste Management Plan (PGIRS):
    • Initial diagnosis: Carrying out an initial diagnosis to evaluate the current CESA´s waste management situation.
    • PGIRS Development: Design of the Integral Solid Waste Management Plan, establishing clear procedures for the collection, classification, storage, and final disposal of waste.
    • Training: Continuous training of waste management personnel, ensuring compliance with established procedures.
  1. Articulation of Suppliers and Networks of Shared Value:
    • Identification of Suppliers: Identification and selection of certified and responsible suppliers for waste management.
    • Network Creation: Establishment of shared value networks, facilitating the return of waste to the value chain in a sustainable and certified manner.
    • Monitoring and Evaluation: Constant monitoring and evaluation of suppliers to ensure compliance with environmental standards and PGIRS objectives.
  1. Basic Sanitation Plan (PSB):
    • Implementation of the PSB: Development and implementation of the Basic Sanitation Plan, ensuring proper cleaning and disinfection of all areas of the campus.
    • Maintenance and Control: Establishment of a regular maintenance and control system to ensure the hygiene and sustainability of the educational environment.
  1. SimbIOT Portal:
    • Digitization of Processes: Implementation of the SimbIOT Portal to digitize and centralize all CESA environmental information.
    • Traceability and Monitoring: Use of the portal to perform detailed monitoring of the generation, classification, and disposal of waste, allowing transparent and efficient management.
    • Reports and Analysis: Generation of periodic reports and data analysis to evaluate environmental performance and make informed decisions.

Campaña de sensibilización para papel y manejo integral de residuos

Impact and Results

  • Environmental awareness: Increased awareness and education on the importance of sustainability and proper waste management among students and CESA staff.
  • Improvement in Waste Management: Successful implementation of the PGIRS and PSB, significantly improving waste management and sanitation conditions on campus.
  • Digitization and Efficiency: The SimbIOT portal has enabled more efficient and transparent waste management, facilitating the traceability and monitoring of environmental practices.


The consultancy carried out at CESA has been a success, managing not only to improve waste management and sanitation conditions but also to promote a culture of sustainability within the institution. This project demonstrates Simbiotic’s commitment to environmental education and the implementation of sustainable solutions through the articulation of shared value networks and the use of advanced technological tools.