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Collaborative Waste Management at the Bogota International Center - Asosandiego

The ASOSANDIEGO project began in 2014 as a response to the urgent need to properly manage waste in an area of ​​high population density and continuous waste collection in the international center of Bogotá, after a health crisis. Simbiotic designed a collaborative and economy of scale strategy, with the aim of leveraging companies and organizations with consolidated environmental policies and management to direct this experience to actors with less management capacity. The project created special waste collection networks on a continuous basis, adding value to all stakeholders, including associations, companies, universities, condominiums, waste management providers and the community in general.


  1. Environmental Diagnosis and Articulation:
    • An environmental diagnosis was carried out and the participation of 20 companies from the Bogotá International Center sector was articulated.
    • Led the creation and implementation of a collaborative and sectoral project to optimize the management of waste and industrial surpluses.
  1. Collection Networks:
    • Scale collection networks were generated for different types of waste, including WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), reusable and organic.
    • Spaces and activities were managed and promoted for the dissemination of environmental practices and standards among participating companies.
  1. Articulation and Information Management:
    • Information and negotiation were articulated and managed between the different actors involved in the project, such as participating companies, leading associations and suppliers.
    • The inclusion and expansion of the project to more than 150 companies in the sector was facilitated, with the possibility of replicating the system in other sectors of the city or in other cities.

Impact and Results

  • Environmental impact: More than 40 tons of waste have been used and/or disposed of properly since the beginning of the project.
  • Collaboration Networks: Waste collection networks have been created and strengthened, benefiting a wide range of stakeholders.
  • Outreach and Education: Environmental practices and standards have been widely disseminated among participating companies, promoting a culture of sustainability.


The ASOSANDIEGO project has proven to be an effective and collaborative solution for waste management in areas of high population density and continuous waste collection. The strategy designed by Simbiotic has allowed the creation of collection networks at scale, the optimization of waste management and the promotion of sustainable environmental practices. This model has not only benefited the International Center of Bogotá, but also has the potential to be replicated in other sectors and cities, contributing significantly to urban sustainability.

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