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Sustainable Fashion Consulting for Cúcuta Chamber of Commerce

In collaboration with the Cúcuta Chamber of Commerce, Simbiotic implemented a sustainability program for entrepreneurs in the Moda Norte cluster. The objective of the program was to identify and foster leadership in sustainability within the sector, consolidating strategic concepts and processes to obtain measurable and lasting results.


  1. Awareness-raising:
    • Leveling of Concepts: Virtual and face-to-face workshops were held to level the basic concepts of sustainability and circularity among the participants. These workshops allowed to identify existing environmental practices and socialize the fundamental aspects of sustainability applicable to the fashion industry.
    • Socialization of Practices: Through interactive sessions, examples of good practices were shared and the opportunities and challenges faced by the sector in its transition to more sustainable business models were discussed.
  1. Personalized support:
    • Circular Based Project: Each participating company received advice for the design and assembly of a specific project based on circular economy principles. These projects served to apply and reinforce the knowledge acquired during the awareness phase.
    • Measurement of the Impact: Tools were implemented to measure the impact of sustainable initiatives and performance indicators were established to evaluate the expected results.

Impact and Results

A total of 7 companies in the fashion sector were advised, including fashion designers, jeans factories, shoe stores and equipment companies. The programme achieved the following:

  • Awareness and Training: Participants gained a deep understanding of the principles of sustainability and circularity, and how to apply them in their business.
  • Implementation of Circular Projects: The companies developed projects that integrate sustainable practices, improving their efficiency and reducing their environmental impact.
  • Measurement of the Impacts: Clear metrics were established to assess progress in sustainability, allowing companies to demonstrate the quantifiable benefits of their initiatives.


The Sustainability Program was a significant step towards transforming the fashion sector in the region. Through a combination of awareness and personalized accompaniment, companies not only acquired valuable knowledge, but also implemented tangible changes that contribute to a more sustainable future. This programme highlights the commitment of the Cúcuta and Simbiotic Chamber of Commerce to promoting responsible and sustainable business practices.

For more details on the results and experiences of the programme, please visit Moda Norte Sostenible Call Results.