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Dancing for the Planet - Formative Fun and Practical Program

Simbiotic has developed the innovative program #DancingForThePlanet, a playful-formative awareness model that uses physical activity to promote the adoption of sustainable practices, the culture of recycling, and environmental education. This project approaches environmental education from an experiential perspective, linking personal health with the health of the planet and generating a real and measurable impact on the environment.


  1. Previous Environmental Training:
    • Before the main event, students receive detailed environmental training that teaches them about the importance of recycling and the impact of waste on the environment.
    • A waste collection contest is organized between the different classrooms, encouraging students to collect various types of waste to reach a joint collection goal.
  1. Principal Event:
    • During the #DancingForThePlanet event, participants engage in physical activities that simulate the effects of global warming, helping them understand how human actions affect the planet.
    • Physical activity is used to create an analogy between personal health and the planet's health, sensitizing participants in a fun and effective way.
  1. Reincorporation of Waste:
    • The waste collected is managed through Simbiotic’s network of suppliers, ensuring its return to the value chain in a certified manner.
    • Metrics and traceability of the environmental impact generated by the activity are kept, ensuring transparency and effectiveness in the process.
  1. Awards and Dissemination:
    • At the end of the event, a prize was awarded to the course that collected the most waste.
    • The results of the program and the positive impact on the environment are shared with all participants, highlighting the benefits achieved through the activity.

Impact and Results

  • Environmental impact: Thanks to the collection and proper management of waste, pollution has been significantly reduced in the participating institutions.
  • Environmental awareness: Students and participants have developed a greater awareness of the importance of recycling and proper waste management.
  • Active Participation: The playful-formative model has encouraged a high participation and commitment of students, achieving effective and memorable learning.


Simbiotic’s #DancingForThePlanet program has proven to be an effective tool to promote environmental education and the culture of recycling through recreational and participatory activities. This innovative approach not only educates participants from experience but also generates a real and positive impact on the environment, making the adoption of sustainable practices a fun and meaningful experience.

Awareness at the Campestres Los Cerezos Gym on Family Day, where 336 kg of waste were collected. 

545 people were sensitized among students and collaborators prior to the event.

Know the metrics of the event!

Awareness-raising at the Santo Tomas School of Chía, where 20 teachers and 500 primary and high school students were sensitized.

160 kilograms of material were collected and the school community was trained in the adoption of proper waste management and the promotion of a culture of recycling.

Awareness in the Barrio de Fontibon in the city of Bogota through our ally Bazero.